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Property Management Firms Schools

Absolute Energy Control has earned a well-deserved reputation among property management companies in Hamilton and GTA as an HVAC company that can be counted for all heating and cooling needs. We have the expertise required to get the job done right the first time. Whatever your specific property management needs, we would love to help.

Warehouse/ Factories

Warehouses, factories, and distribution centers have unique heating and cooling requirements because of their vast open spaces and high ceilings. Keeping your workers comfortable may require an investment, but it protects their health and ensures maximum productivity. When you partner with us, we carefully assess your HVAC needs in order to determine the best system for you.

Day Care

If a daycare is located in an older building with an older HVAC system, most likely the air circulation is poor. This means that any dust, dirt, and other contaminants that the children bring with them from outside will stay in the room. At Absolute Energy Control, we assist both schools and daycare facilities with heating and cooling installation and repair services in GTA and Hamilton.

Data Centers

If your data center HVAC or air conditioning system is not running optimally, it could spell disaster for your mission critical systems and your business. Proper on-going maintenance and repair is needed to keeping your systems operational. We understand the need to keep data centers operational and ensure your systems run at peak performance, while our repair team is ready around the clock to fix anything.

Retail Buildings

Whether you manage multiple retail locations or run a small supermarket, Absolute Energy Control offers high quality heating and cooling services for retail stores. Retailers are large consumers of energy for lighting, heating and refrigeration, making the rising costs of energy is a major concern that needs to be addressed. We have the right technology, people and innovative solutions to help you.

Retirement Centers

When it comes to a retirement home, an HVAC system failure quickly becomes a catastrophe. Many residents are in poor health and simply cannot stand exposure to high heat and humidity for long. Heating and air conditioning are necessities for the elderly. That’s why our technicians at Absolute Energy Control are ready to respond 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.


High demands are placed on the heating and air conditioning systems for restaurants and bars. Our technicians are experts at restaurant and bar air conditioning installation and service. Our knowledge and experience in the HVAC maintenance industry means that we can optimize your restaurant’s heating and cooling systems to operate at peak performance and efficiency.

CO-OP Housing

No other company offers the range of services, level of expertise and fast, dependable support as offered by our contractors at Absolute Energy Control. We understand the unique needs of the housing societies, and has the experience to maintain and repair both heating and cooling systems. We provide the ultimate in comfort and premium service you can count on.

Central Plants

Facilities such as plastic molding, semi-conductors, pharmaceuticals, power plants, water treatment plants, ice plants, metal processing plants, clean rooms, manufacturing plants, bottling plants, chemical plants, plant laboratories, wineries, dehydrating and R&D facilities are all examples of industrial buildings that require complex HVAC systems. Absolute Energy Control is experienced and certified to provide maintenance, repair and installation services to industrial facilities.