5 Easy Tips To Maintain A Gas Furnace

5 Easy Tips To Maintain A Gas FurnaceA gas furnace is a common appliance that is highly needed in fall and winters. It is meant to warm up the interiors of a property to offer a cozy environment to stay in. Since appliances are not living, they cannot maintain or clean themselves. To make a gas furnace work efficiently for years, its needed to maintain and repair it frequently. Regular cleaning can greatly help in preventing the repair costs that are spent on the appliance each and every season.

Some of the tips that can make a furnace work efficiently for years are:

  • Clean and replace the filter system

    A filter system is installed in the furnace to prevent dust and other external elements from entering inside the appliance. Since this component has to deal with a lot of dust and debris, it can wear up soon. Its advised to inspect the filter to remove the accumulated dust. If its clogged, consider replacing it with a new one.

  • Inspect the thermostat

    If you have set the thermostat at the right temperature but are still feeling uncomfortable, something may have turned up wrong with the thermostat itself. If you haven’t replaced this component from past many years, it is the ideal time to replace it now.

  • Clean the blower

    When cleaning the filter system, never forget to inspect and clean the blower that is located just behind the filter. There are chances that tiny dust particles may escape within the air filter to stuck onside the blower. To remove this dust, its crucial to clean the blowers and adjoining components with a damp cloth to prevent debris buildup.

  • Clean the furnace ducts

    Ducts that carry away the infected air from the furnace to the exterior is prone to develop cracks and wear tear. There are also risks of insect invasion and dust alongside the opening surface of a duct. To clean away all these issues, its advised to use a vacuum cleaner that can pull away these unwanted elements.

  • Clean the vents

    Almost all residential and commercial gas furnaces are hooked with a venting system that is used to rotate the warm air inside a premise. With time, these vents are prone to become clogged due to accumulation of dust and debris. This may result in blocking that can lead to fire hazards. Its crucial to clean the vents periodically using a large brush to prevent any blockage.

Regular cleaning and maintenance is important to improve the efficiency of a gas furnace. If any of your heating or cooling appliance is not working in order, feel free to consult us at Absolute Control.

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