A/C Problem Prevention Tips for Homeowners

A/C Problem Prevention

Does this sound familiar? A heat wave has entirely covered the area and the air conditioning unit in your home starts blowing out warm air or ceases to run. In such situation, just like other hundreds of people in Mississauga, you also pick up the phone to call heating and cooling Mississauga experts, and wait out the heat until relief arrives. While not all air conditioner problems can be solved, here are a few tips that can reduce the likeliness of this happening to you.

Ensure Maximum Air Flow

In order to provide you total comfort, your air conditioner needs to pull air through the system, while recirculating air from within the home. If this process is hampered in any way, it can lead to major issues in your unit. To assure you have proper air flow, make sure to keep the area around the vents clean from inside and outside. This includes cleaning the dirt away from vents and cutting down all the back vegetation.

Use a Programmable Thermostat

Programmable thermostats can help reduce the impact on your system, while minimizing energy costs and regulating your home’s temperature. Program your air conditioner for warmer temperatures – particularly at night when the temperature is low outside.

In addition, make sure to program your thermostat for lengthier run-cycles. While this will not prevent the issue, but will lower down the humidity in the area. This way you can prevent mold spores from thriving in your home and get a more comfortable environment to live.

Get Rid of Any Pests

Generally, the pests and bugs get attracted towards the central air units, which can harm the system from inside. It is advised to use eco-friendly pesticide around the exterior of the A/C unit to prevent bugs and pests from getting into the systems. Visually inspect the system from inside throughout the summer.

Stay Level

The majority of A/C units are placed outside on a concrete slab or any other platform. These platforms provide a level base of operation to the systems. However, over time these platforms settle, obstructing the performance of the unit. Check the outdoor components periodically to ensure the base continues to stay level.

Regular maintenance, such as lubrication and filter changes will surely keep your air conditioning unit in a proper working order. Make sure to schedule annual maintenance service to ensure your cooling unit is ready to face the hot days. Keeping the above tips in mind, you can surely reduce the chances of various common A/C problems and have comfortable and stress-free climate controlled home.

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