Boiler Repair For over 20 years, Absolute Energy Control Inc. has been the choice of thousands of Canadians for professional installation of their homes’ boilers. If your boiler is cracked, leaking, creating some weird noise or experiencing any sort of abnormality, our technicians can help. They will carefully analyze the unit and will undertake the best possible service job to prevent the issue. We will walk you through the boiler service process so that you know what we are doing and why.
We ensure to keep your home cozy and toasty warm throughout winter. We offer a great selection of brands and styles of boilers to choose from. We sell and install a wide range of styles that can match up your expectations.

Benefits of Installing A New Boiler

New and retrofit boilers are designed to deliver 98% of efficiency along with the capability to provide both hot water and heat. Here are some of the benefits of new boiler:

  • Better comfort – A new boiler is more efficient in adapting to different climatic conditions. They evenly maintain your home’s temperature and use far less fuel than other traditional systems.
  • Greater energy efficiency – If you want to save some money, then change your old boiler as soon as possible. A new boiler can save up to 50 percent of your utility bills.
  • Enhanced safety – Old units generally lack the latest features designed to ensure the safer operation. In new units, in case one part fails to perform, the entire unit is locked to prevent further damage.

We carry Trinity, Navien, Viessmann boilers, which are the perfect combination of energy efficiency and gas heating. We help you choose the right unit for your place.

Guaranteed Quality

A boiler can perform for up to 21 years if maintained properly. That’s why, we provide a lifetime workmanship warranty on all our services. Additionally, you can also get one to five years of labor warranties.

Our Boiler Installation Process

  • Our project manager will visit your place to determine your needs, discuss the most appropriate options and help you select the best unit for your place.
  • We can schedule the installation appointment as per your convenience.
  • We scope out the project and develop a plan.
  • We will protect your home, floor and other valuables. Then we will remove the old system carefully.
  • Now, our technicians will install the new boiler and all the associated components precisely.
  • Then, we will thoroughly test the unit using a 20-point inspection system. It is required to check the efficiency and comfort potential of the unit.
  • We will happily answer all your questions, guide you about the new system and provide operating and maintenance instructions.
  • Our quality analyst will visit you within 10 days to make sure that the system is meeting all your expectations and requirements.
  • All our services are backed by warranties which include entire installation and service for one year, along with safety inspection and lifetime labor warranty.

Call our technicians now to avail a quality boiler system for your home!

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