High Efficiency Trinity Boilers Service in Toronto, Mississauga

Trinity Fire Tube

Boiler Features:

  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Down-fired, Fire Tube stainless steel boiler
  • Top and bottom supply/return piping built from strong stainless steel
  • Fully-modulating combustion system
  • Certified internal low water cut-off with test button
  • Condensate pump receptacle
  • Built-in gas drip leg
  • Wall-mount configuration with a floor stand option
  • Top vent/air inlet connections with test port
  • On/off power service switch
  • Fully-modulating combustion system
  • Certified internal low water cut-off with test button
  • Top-notch metallic clear coat finish
  • High-energy spark ignition
  • ASME certified boiler
  • Certified ANSI Z21.13
  • 15 year limited warranty

Controller Features:

  • Excellent controllability with advanced Sola Controller
  • Detailed troubleshooting information
  • Internal ‘Lead-Lag’ ability to cascade up to 8 boilers
  • Outdoor reset temperature operation enhances boiler and system efficiency
  • Ability to control three different temperature set points
  • Comes standard with Modbus capability
  • DHW and central heat modulation limiting
  • Ability to handle three separate pumps
  • Freeze protection parameters
  • 4-20mA heat input for set point or modulation control
  • Warm weather shutdown
  • Compatible with DHW tank sensor
  • Contacts for external limits and alarms

Trinity Tx

Boiler Features:

Trinity Tx

  • Certified heating boiler
  • Efficient stainless steel boiler
  • Pre-wired for use with indirect water heater
  • Easy wire connection strip
  • Three pump outputs
  • 120V power receptacle
  • Auto air vent
  • Fully packaged and wired assembly

Control Features:

  • Fully automatic modulation
  • Compatible to Lead-Lag
  • Outdoor reset
  • Easy programmable display
  • Low pressure cutoff
  • OD reset boost feature
  • Indirect tank sensor compatibility
  • Warm weather shutdown(WWSD)
  • Diagnostic Logging

Combi Application:

  • Low loss header manifold(primary loop)
  • All components are quick connecting for servicing
  • Internal primary circulator
  • Fully integrated plumbing
  • DHW flow sensor
  • DHW heat exchanger
  • Flow diverter valve
  • Modulation to DHW temperature
  • Gives DHW priority and preheating
  • Electronic tempering

Trinity Lx

Features:Trinity Lx

  • 7” touchscreen display with easy-to-read format, high level of controllability and customization (by both user and installer), Modbus communication, array of software features, and extensive diagnostic and troubleshooting functions.
  • Efficiencies of up to 98% steady state and 98% AFUE, and savings of up to 25%
  • Maximum permissible modulation rates of 5:1
  • Can lead to a reduction of 2.5 tons of greenhouse gases, equivalent to two acres or 280 trees
  • Floor or wall-mount configuration
  • Factory-installed condensate trap with no moving parts
  • Spark ignition with dual electrodes using a high-output transformer
  • Removable door and hinged display panel for ultimate serviceability
  • No clearance required on the back, bottom or right side
  • Three configurable pump outputs
  • Integrated combustion platform (ICP)
  • Plug-In-Module card contains model specific information; can be used to upload/download custom settings
  • All operations are performed in one electronic controller
  • Sliding electrical box makes servicing easy
  • Critical components are independently fused for superior protection
  • Multiple inputs and outputs for ultimate controllability
  • Accepts modulation input from other energy management controllers
  • Quick connectors allow for easy diagnostics
  • High-capacity spark ignition generator

Trinity TI

Features:Trinity TI

  • Available in both Natural Gas and Propane versions
  • Advanced sealed modulation combustion system with hot surface ignition
  • Patented 316L stainless condensing heat exchanger offers greater efficiencies
  • All connections are conveniently located providing ease of installation.
  • Wall mount configuration frees floor space
  • Easily vents with conventional ABS, PVC or CPVC plastic piping
  • Trinity is known for industry’s leading modulation rates, which greatly increases comfort while decreasing cycling and fuel consumption
  • The casing design minimizes costly standby losses, while removing combustion noises
  • High-capacity plate heat exchanger on combination models offers good quantity domestic hot water
  • Trinity is certified, designed and rated to strict CSA, AGA, ASME and CSAus codes
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