Dehumidifiers – Select the Right Model from Well-Known Brands

Dehumidifiers A dehumidifier helps you avoid the stale smell that creeps in the basement, laundry room or attic. When humidity rises above 50 percent, the mold and mildew growth increases which further poses health risks. Dust mites can trigger allergies. Remember, the damper a place is, the more it will be a health risk. that’s where dehumidifiers come in.

How Dehumidifiers Work

Dehumidifiers work by removing moisture from the environment using a pair of refrigerated coils and a fan. The excess moisture drips moisture in the tank. This sounds simplistic but there are complex electronic controls and regulators in the modern dehumidifiers. You simply set the humidity levels and get going.

What Size Dehumidifier Do You Need?

The capacity of dehumidifier you need is crucial. Capacity denotes the amount of humidity the machine will be able to extract from the selected place. It is measured in pints per day. Typically, look for a capacity of 30 pints a day minimum. Large dehumidifiers can go up to 80 pints a day. Also, keep in mind the coverage area which has to be in square feet.

What to Know Before You Shop

Space Where It Is To be Installed

Installation in living room can be a concern since the noise can overwhelm daily chores. Choose a space that lowers the noise patterns. Most modern dehumidifiers make very less noise.

New Energy Standards

Choose a dehumidifier that adheres to the latest energy standards. They will help you lower your home’s energy costs as well.

Large or Wet Spaces

Large capacity dehumidifiers help remove moisture quickly and help in wet spaces like basements.

Time Your Purchase

Often, companies launch new models around early summer or late spring. Time your purchase during this period to get better discounts.

Fix Existing Problems

Sometimes, humidity creeps in because of leaks or external factors. In this case, you have to address the issue. For example, unclogging gutters and cleaning downspouts will help you lower humidity seeping into your home.

User-Friendly Controls

Don’t buy something you don’t understand. Check out features that you can easily use like humidity settings. Also the button layout should be very easy to use.

Auto Restart

This comes in real handy. When the humidity levels exceed a certain pre-set point, it can auto restart so that you don’t have to keep a manual check on the machine.

Choose from the Widest Range

We carry all the major brands ranging from Kennmore, LG, Haier, GE and many more. All the models from the major players are available and ready to be installed. You can also ask for a demo or call us for more information on a specific model.

Call us for more information on dehumidifiers.

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