5 Generator Maintenance Tips Explained by Professionals

5 Generator Maintenance Tips Explained by Professionals Electricity is something which gives relief from the external heat or cold through the mode of cooling and heating and what not. When something as important as this fails, generators come into use. With generators, you don’t have to suffer even for a second after the electricity goes or if there is some failure.

Depending on the kind of requirement, generators come into use apart from serving home owners. If you want a generator to keep working throughout the year, it is important that you maintain it on regular basis too.

If you can manage on your own, well and good and if not, taking professional help would be the best option. So, have a look at the following maintenance tips and see if you can manage on your own or not!

5 Generator Maintenance Tips

  1. Stock up Your Oil & Filters

    If you have a new generator, you should know that their first oil change is right after 25 hours. Post 25 hours, you need to fill in new oil and dump out the old one.

    Also, you have to dump the old oil and refill every 50 or 60 hours. At this time, you can’t keep running for oil every time you have to change. So, it is advisable to stock up your oil & filters.

  2. Refill Carefully

    This is where you have to be extra cautious as an oil spill can really get dangerous. Try to use headlight for a better view.

    Let the generator cool for 15 minutes and then refill as a hot generator can lead to flames, if you accidentally spilled the gas on its hot engine.

  3. Don’t Let the Gas to Run Out

    If the gas of your generator runs out, it will not stop then and there but will keep on putting power. This makes the magnetic field from the generator coils to drain out by the electrical load.

    When you try to start it after refilling, it will start but fail to generate power. This will invite the repair costs and a lot of inconvenience too for that time. So, make sure you remember when to refill your generator.

  4. Store Gasoline in a Safe Place

    It is very important to store your gasoline safely as it has the chances of getting ignited, if spilled. Place them in a place which is under controlled temperature as extremely high or low temperatures can affect its quality to a great extent.

    Also, try to use less amount of gasoline while refilling as a large can has the maximum chances of getting spilled.

  5. Get a Lock

    Most of the owners can’t bear the disturbing sound that a generator creates and get a silencer installed to it. This is a very good option to get rid of that irritating sound but it also makes any suspicious activity unnoticeable.

    Thieves are always eying for things like this. So, it is always better to lock your generator to avoid any kind of theft.

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