From New Installs, Repairs, preventative maintenance, 24 hour emergency service we have you covered

"Going above and beyond your expectations"

Why choose us for your cooling services

24/7 Emergency service

We have a team of ready to go 24/7 technicians to help you when you are experiencing an emergency situation.


We are extremely proud of the quality of work that we give to our customers. Nothing short of excellence is our goal when we work on your equipment.


Over the 20 years of servicing the GTA there is nothing that we haven’t seen or any problem we haven’t overcame. When you choose us you get the absolute best in the industry.

Honest and Friendly

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We are open, friendly and honest. We will remember your name and always be a phone call away for whatever your cooling needs are.

Why its important to take care of your HVAC system

Improved Comfort

The last thing anyone wants is to work or be in an environment where it is too hot or work in the winter and be freezing. When you call us, we will make sure that you, your employees and your customers and always comfortable.

Increased Safety

When ignored for extensive periods of time, your HVAC system can begin to become dangerous. Without proper maintenance and care, you risk carbon monoxide leaks faulty equipment, which can cause a liability for you and your business. We have expert technicians around the clock and a great maintenance program to ensure that you and your building is always safe.

Save money

When you don’t take care of your equipment you risk wasting money on emergency preventable repairs which can lead to closures and loss of business. In addition, with many inspectors doing surprise inspections, you fall risk to even bigger problems. So, taking care of you HVAC system is vital if you want to save some money.


When you take care of you HVAC system you can finally work in peace knowing that your HVAC system wont be giving you problems. You can work in peace and know that you, your employees and customers are comfortable. No more worrying about safety concerns, no surprise no heat/cool situations just relaxation.

Choose which Heating/Cooling you need

RTU (Roof top Units)

MUA (Make up air units)

Unit Heaters/Tube Heaters


Ductless systems

VRF systems

HRV/ERV Systems

Exhaust Fans

Kitchen hoods


HRV/ERV Systems

Check out the industries we serve

From commercial real estate properties, data centers, restaurants, hospitals, industrial properties, retail buildings, central plants, and day care/school centers.

Our services

Installation and replacement

Preventative Maintenance

Emergency services

Custom Duct and sheet Metal

Duct and pipe insulation


Promotions, Government rebates and incentives

Get up to 50% up the initial project cost up to $100,000 when you upgrade your commercial boiler with Enbridge.

Heat pump retrofit Incentives

Get additional savings when you retrofit or upgrade your heat pumps. Call now for more information and well be happy to help you get comfortable while saving the most amount of money.

Benefits Of Choosing Us


We are very friendly. We treat all of our customers like family. We will tell you exactly what your home needs, how frequently to maintain your system, and there is no hidden


We understand that times are tough, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. That’s why we wont leave you hanging. We will design a perfect plan that suit your needs and get you that installation or repair that you need.


No heat? No Cool? If its an emergency repair or a booked service call/new replacement, we will be there fast to fix it ASAP. We understand how vital your comfort is.

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