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We are extremely proud of the quality of work that we give to our customers. Nothing short of excellence is our goal when we work on your equipment.


Over the 20 years of servicing the GTA there is nothing that we haven’t seen or any problem we haven’t overcame. When you choose us you get the absolute best in the industry.

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Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We are open, friendly and honest. We will remember your name and always be a phone call away for whatever your cooling needs are.

What does a unit heater do?

The way a commercial unit heater works is by converting an electrical current into heat. This heats the air and then turns it into radiant heat for the specific location installed. Its simple and flexible to the area that you want to be heated.

Benefits of a Unit heater

Easy to repair

One of the great benefits of having a unit heater is that they are relatively easy and simple to install. This is mainly due to the fact that they are stand alone units and don’t have too many moving parts. Therefore, repairs and new installs aren’t as complex and stressful as other heating units.


Unit heaters are flexible in that you can have them in basically any location in your warehouse. You can have them in a straight line, curved, covering a small or larger area. They not only warm you and your workers, but also heat the objects in its path. No more harsh cold objects in the winter.


Unit heaters are efficient in distributing warmth in specific areas. It heats both the areas and objects. You can get them up to 97% efficiency

Where are they best suited for


Distribution Centers


Manufacturing facilities

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Take a detailed look at our unit heater projects that we have done over the years. We take pride in our work and expect nothing less than excellence.

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