What is a HRV/ERV System?

HRVs or Heat recovery ventilators and ERVs energy recovery ventilators are systems the help improve indoor air quality while reducing heat loss. They maintain heat and enhance indoor moisture. HRVs/ERVs systems use sophisticated fans to regulate airflow quality indoors while removing old air. The main difference between HRVs and ERVs is that HRVs is that ERVs transmit a few amounts of water vapor whereas HRVs only transmits heat.


Reduced Energy Consumption

Improved indoor Air quality

Recover Heat Loss

They are efficient in that they reduce heating cost by transferring heat from the warm inside air the is in the process of ventilation to the outside fresh air and they don’t mix the stale air with fresh air being removed during the winter seasons. When its summer they use the inside air to cool the warmer air that is coming in the building or given area. They improve air qulity by forcing more air inBecause HRV and ERV systems help reduce the energy needed to condition incoming outdoor air, you can increase air intake. This helps you optimize your ventilation system, which leads to better quality indoor air.

HRVs and ERVs helps you reduce the amount of air that your HVAC system must heat or cool. This can help lower your building’s peak demand – electricity use during the times of day when the unit is using the most energy and when rates are highest – which lowers your energy bill even more.

Main Applications of HRVs and ERVs



Office Buildings

HRV/ERV can be placed virtually in any commercial setting. Large rooms with many inhabitants like gyms, office buildings and restaurants are ideal areas. Also good applications are Malls, assembly plants, and meat packing factories where ventilation and air quality is important

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