Humidifiers Repair & Installation Toronto & GTA

Humidifier Our comfort relies on the temperature and the amount of humidity in the air, especially during the winter. A humidifier will ensure your comfort all winter long by delivering the perfect amount of humidity to your home. The humidified air significantly reduces static electricity, helps prevent your home’s valuables from drying out, helps prevent throat and nasal passages and makes your home comfortable (neither too hot nor too cold).
Absolute Energy Control provides a wide selection of home humidifiers that can be attached to your HVAC unit efficiently.

Benefits of Humidifiers

The key advantages of installing a humidifier are as follows:

  • They make your home feel cozier and warmer
  • Significantly reduce your utility bills – you can turn the thermostat down and sleep and live comfortably
  • Improve dry skin and hair
  • Improve heath, especially sinus-related issues
  • Safeguard your household items such as furniture, antiques and woodwork
  • Prevent static electricity on carpets

Guaranteed Quality

On an average a humidifier can last up to 18 years. We are dedicated to keeping unit up and running for years to come. That’s why, we offer a lifetime workmanship warranty on all services. In addition, there is one to five years labor warranties also available.

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