Infrared Radiant Tube Heater Products in Toronto

Radiant Tube Heater Infrared Radiant Gas Tube Heaters are a great choice to heat your outdoor space such as the garage during the winter. You can connect the Gas Tube Heating system with your thermostat and put a timer on to obtain a warm and comfortable outdoor space whenever you need it. Our technicians provide prompt and quality services across Toronto, Mississauga, Markham, Oakville & Hamilton.

How Does Infrared Radiant Heating Work?

Just like the sun’s rays heat the earth, gas fired infrared radiant heaters heat your space. These tube heaters raise the ambient air temperature in the building with the help of the radiant energy that is stored in the concrete floor. Infrared heaters also offer additional heat and warmth for people and objects that absorb the radiant energy directly. Infrared radiant tube heaters can be used as a primary heat source for a building or heat source for spot or zone heating.


Reznor Gas Radiant

Reznor’s VCS- Harsh Environment Heaters.

Reznor Model VCS is a positive pressure heating system suitable for indoor or outdoor installations. Enclosed stainless steel cabinet and hardware make the installation easy and robust as compare to contemporary tube heaters that rust or corrode easily.

Reznor’s RIHVN

Reznor’s RIHVN large high-intensity infrared heaters administer a high surface temperature system making it a primary source of heating. This heater is versatile and also allows spot heating. It is ideal for warehouses, loading docks, auto service bays etc.

MODULUS™ Adaptive Modulating Infrared Tube Heater – Series AM

It is the newest infrared tube heater that offers optimal thermal comfort. The patent-pending Series AM is an ideal combination a fully modulating infrared heater with SRP’s 100% efficient reflector that make it the best modulating heater in the market.

Superior Gas-Fired Infrared Tube Heaters


Series LT/LTX/LTXR two-stage infrared heaters are ideal for low-clearance applications. The infrared tube heaters are available in outputs ranging 40,000-100,000 Btuh and in lengths of 30-50 feet. It offers two gas options – natural gas and LPG.

UltraSchwank Radiant Tube Heaters

ultraSchwank radiant tube heaters are ideal for commercial and industrial facilities. It is highly energy-efficient and reduces CO2 emissions to as much as 65%. It can easily heat persons and objects right at floor level.

PremierSchwank STS-JZ

The premierSchwank STS-JZ radiant tube heater is ideal for indoor use and can be utilized in sports complexes, arenas etc. It is a quite, clean and efficient infrared radiant heating solution. It can save you a lot of time and money.

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