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Why its important to make sure your cooling equipment is working and maintained

Improved Comfort

Better Efficiency

Save money on repairs

Not having the proper cooling equipment can not only cause major discomfort but can also lead to money down the drain. Old systems tend to break down easier and be less efficient and having newer equipment without proper annual maintenance can also lead to poor performance over time. If not taken care of, you fall at risk to having frequent repairs over time. In addition, having the right company to install it is as important as the type of equipment you install. That is why when you choose us, you are getting the highest quality equipment and the right group of experts to make sure that your home

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Need a AC repair? call or book now and well repair your AC asap.


Need a AC replacement? Don’t spend another day uncomfortable in your home and call us today and we will get one of our professional technicians to replace your AC asap!

Service plans

From renting, flexible financing and deferral plans

Central AC

Central AC is the main component that cools your home in the summer. It distributes and sucks in humidity throughout your house through ductwork. We have many brand options and price ranges to best suit you and your homes needs. If you think your AC is old and is in need of repair.

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A Ductless system is another great alternative to cooling your home or room. Each home is different, sometimes central AC isn’t enough due to the size and layout of your house. Therefore, having additional Cooling, can provide a lot more comfort. Ductless systems can be placed anywhere in your home. Bedroom, kitchen, hallway, upstairs, you can customize the placement anywhere unlike a central AC. In addition, they require no ductwork, which is labour extensive and timely.

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We are very friendly. We treat all of our customers like family. We will tell you exactly what your home needs, how frequently to maintain your system, and there is no hidden


We understand that times are tough, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. That’s why we wont leave you hanging. We will design a perfect plan that suit your needs and get you that installation or repair that you need.


No heat? No Cool? If its an emergency repair or a booked service call/new replacement, we will be there fast to fix it ASAP. We understand how vital your comfort is.

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Need central AC? Call or book now and well help you out!


Get cooling with a modern flare with a brand new ductless system!

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