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Canadian winters can be brutal and severely uncomfortable when your equipment fails on you and isn’t working properly. That is why making sure that you are taking care of it annually is critical. When you choose us as you HVAC provider, you are getting the very best in the industry. We don’t believe in any sales tactics. We are honest and direct. No hidden fees, the price you get is the price you pay. We have helped thousands of clients all over the GTA with their heating needs, and they rely on us to ensure they when it gets cold, they are comfortable. No answering machines, no

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In-Floor Heating

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Furnaces are the main component in heating your home. With a poor performing, old or unmaintained furnace, you risk having frequent costly breakdowns, repairs and NO HEAT days. Canadian winters are brutal and unforgiving. Have your furnace checked out by our experts.

Maintenance of your furnace

If you have a furnace, regardless of age, it has to be maintained annually. Maintenance ensures that your furnace is getting around the clock care and prevents costly repairs. We have a great furnace maintenance plan that helps prevent emergency repairs, or a NO HEAT day in the winter. Call us now and enroll in our maintenance plan and ensure that your furnace is maintained.

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Boilers are a great alternative to heating your home. They are slightly more costly, but they can distribute heat more evenly, require less maintenance, save big on energy bills and generally last longer. We have installed countless boilers over the years and are experts in boiler installation, and repair.

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In Floor Heating

In floor heating is a great addition to help ensure comfort during the winter. No more slippers or heavy socks, in floor heating in your home provides instant heat to your feet, making cold winter floors a thing of the past. In floor heating is also great for your basement and driveway. Winter in the GTA can be brutal, with snowfalls reaching more than 30 cm at a time. This can take multiple long days to clear your driveway. Having in floor heating in your driveway saves you all the time and stress. So when there’s a snowstorm and your neighbors are shovelings, you will be glad that you had in floor heating

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Emergency service

We have technicians ready on standby to help with any emergency situation your equipment may be facing. With over 20 years of experience we have seen every problem imaginable. You are in good hands, when you call us. We won’t leave until you are satisfied.

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