Get free Maintenance for a year with a new installation of Furnace or AC!

We also have flexible finanicng and renting options

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From flexible monthly payments, renting options and annual maintenance plans, we have customizable options for your specific needs

Why you should consider a Maintenance Plan

Cons of not having a AC maintenance plan:

  • ​Spend hundreds to thousands of dollars in repairs
  • Lessens the life of your AC
  • Worse Air quality
  • Constant stress over a breakdown happening at any moment
  • More stress on things you cant control

Benefits of a maintenance plan:

  • ​Prevent Costly breakdowns
  • Reduce Energy Bills
  • Extend the life of your system
  • Have an expert take care of your AC so you wont have to worry about a no cool situation in the summer
  • Can save you thousands in repairs when compared to no plan
  • Live worry free all year long
  • Better air quality and home comfort
  • Comfort Report showing how well your AC is performing

Our AC Maintenance Plan


​What’s included?

With an Air conditioner maintenance plan we will have one of our certified expert technicians come and do annual maintenance so that your AC keeps running
We will also do our in-depth 21-point check, which includes:

  • An assessment of Indoor Air Quality
  • Refrigerant level
  • Analysis of unit efficiency
  • An annual visit from our experts
  • Confirmation of Refrigerant charge
  • In-depth report analysis
  • A check for worn-out or faulty materials
  • Recommendations and advice on how to keep you comfortable

**New AC installs get an automatic maintenance plan for 1 year!

Our Furnace maintenance plan


​What’s included?

You don’t have to worry anymore about furnace breakdowns or furnace performance with our maintenance plan.
One of our Expert technicians will come and do annual maintenance with our 21 point inspection which includes:

  • Performance and efficiency check
  • Refrigerant level
  • Tune-up and cleaning
  • Air-quality assessment
  • A test for Carbon monoxide
  • Advise if any parts are worn-out
  • Make sure it is running safely and up to manufacturer standards

**Installation of a new furnace will include free 1 year maintenance!

Both Furnace and AC maintenance plans

Best Value


​What’s included?

The plan includes everything from the AC and furnace maintenance plan and also:

  • Priority status
  • 10% Discount with bundle
  • Check for leaks, broken parts, and assess performance efficiency
  • Hybrid report on both furnace and AC

With our combo system plan, your system will thank you and take care of you when you need to stay cool for the Summer and stay warm for the Winter.

Boiler Maintenance plans

Boiler Maintenance plan

Our boiler maintenance is performed by our expert technicians who will help keep your boiler maintained.

What’s included?

  • Check how efficient your boiler is performing
  • Check for any faulty parts or equipment
  • Check if electrical components are working
  • Make sure your boiler is running to peak performance and manufacturer standards
  • Annual check by our expert technicians
  • Check if surrounding areas are clean and the equipment is safe
  • Provide an in-depth analysis report that helps you understand your system
  • Recommend any cost saving tips and methods to use

**Free maintenance plan with an installation of a new boiler

Fireplace Maintenance plans

Fireplace Maintenance Plan

​What’s included?

  • Inspect the fireplace glass and gasket seal to ensure they are free of deterioration
  • Clean and condition the fireplace glass of built-up debris to prolong the life of the glass
  • Clean the Interior firebox and surrounding control panel compartment
  • Clean and inspect pilot light assembly and burners
  • Test the safety shut off switch to ensure it is working properly
  • Clean gas burner, and inspect to ensure it is properly configured with no leaks, and maximized gas efficiency
  • Make sure your fireplace is heating properly and effectively
  • Recommend any cost saving techniques that you can use

**Free maintenance plan for 1 year with a new installation of a new fireplace

Tankless Maintenance Plan

Tankless Maintenance Plan

​What’s included?

Our expert certified TSSA technician will come to your home and check for or provide:

  • Check for worn out parts
  • Check the Efficiency rating of equipment
  • Check for Any leaks
  • Compare it to manufactures standards
  • Provide a descale of your equipment to make sure there is no build up

After that is done, our technician will provide a report analysis of your equipment and give you recommendations on how to make it last longer and run more efficiently.

Our Ductless Maintenance plan

Ductless Maintenance Plan

​What’s included?

Our expert technician will take a look at the following:

  • An assessment of Indoor Air Quality
  • Analysis of unit efficiency
  • An annual visit from our experts
  • Confirmation of Refrigerant charge
  • In-depth report analysis
  • A check for worn-out or faulty materials
  • Recommendations and advice on how to keep you comfortable

Followed by a in depth report analysis with recommendations on how to save more.

Renting and Financing Options


Don’t want to pay upfront? We got you covered with our flexible renting options that are suited just for you. Call us now or book and enquiry to see your options and get your new equipment today!


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