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Is your Hot-Water Tank old and unrepairable. If so purchasing a new one may be your best option. Contact us today and don’t go another day without hot water.


Choose from one of our many payment plans and decide which one best suits you. We will help customize a plan that you can afford. So don’t think that your budget is out of range. Call us now and well make sure you get a hot water today!


Did you know that more than 90% of Hot-Water tanks are rented? If you are not ready to buy or feel that renting is the best option for you then call us and find out which plan is best for you

How does a Hot water
tank work

You can either get an electronic or gas Hot-Water Tank. The majority of the hot water tanks have 3 pipes each playing a vital role. The first pipe is used to bring in the water, the 2nd pipe is used to bring out the water, and the 3rd pipe (called the safety valve, is used to release the water from the tank if the pressure/temperature goes above the safety standards

Why buy from us?


All of our technicians are Licensed and certified. Let our professionals take care of your problems.


Over 20 years of experience servicing the GTA.


No hidden costs, no additional fees. The price you get is the price you pay.


Do you have an emergency? No Heat or No Cool? We understand and will be there ASAP to fix your problem

Check out our maintenance Plan

Hot Water Tank Maintenance Plan

What's Included?

Our expert and fully certified technician will come by and perform the maintenance and he will do the following:

  • ​Sediment Drainage
  • Check the Ventilation
  • Check for Carbon Monoxide
  • Test the Temperature & Pressure Relief (TPR) Valve
  • Check the Anode Rod
  • Water leaks
  • Weird noises
  • Unpleasant Smells

At the end of the maintenance, our technician will give you a in depth analysis report on your equipment and give you tips and recommendations on how save money and get the most out of your equipment