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Benefits of A Tankless

Instant Hot Water

The main benefit that a Tankless offers when compared to a Hot-Water-Tank is that it provides instant and continuous hot-water, without any delay. That means you can turn on the shower, the sink and not worry about any delays or loss in heat.

Save Money

When compared to its counterpart, a tankless will save you more monthly and annually on electricity bills. In addition, it has a longer warranty and longer useful life.


A Tankless system Heats water more efficiently when compared to its counterpart. Therefore, it uses less energy and you get all of the benefits.


Unlike a traditional Hot Water Tank which takes up alot of space and cant be moved anywhere, A tankless offers flexibility, in that it can be moved and wall mounted almost anywhere. It takes up less space and looks more modern than a hot water tank.

How does a Tankless Work?

A Tankless water heater, unlike a hot water tank, heats your water instantly with is clever design and without the need of a large tank. As soon as you turn on your shower, wash your, hands, take that warm bath, the water goes through a heat exchanger and the natural gas burner inside the tankless heats your cold water, and creates the hot water that you enjoy.

Enjoy your Instant Hot Water!

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Maintenance Plan

What's Included?

Our expert certified TSSA technician will come

to your home and check for and provide:

  • Worn out parts
  • Efficiency rating of equipment
  • Any leaks
  • Compare it to manufactures standards
  • In-depth report analysis
  • Descale your equipment to make sure there is no build up

After that is done, our technician will provide a report analysis of your equipment and give you recommendations on how to make it last longer and run more efficiently.