Water heaters have to be chosen with care. We, at Absolute Energy, are your right partners for choosing the perfect storage water heaters that suit your home’s needs. When you want a convenient hot water solution with efficiency and performance, we make sure you have the right options at hand.

Storage tank water heaters have their own set of advantages over tank-less water heaters. They are more reliable and have a steady stream of hot water ready for you. There’s no waiting time here. Here are some reasons why you should consider installing storage water heaters in your premies – residential or commercial.

  • Constant supply of hot water
  • Economical as compared to tankless heaters
  • Meet high use demands
  • Capacity from 20 to 60 gallons
  • High efficiency and value-for-money

How To Buy A Storage Water Heater

People don’t think much about storage water heaters when they are out purchasing one. A simple heater with basic functions is the apt choice for most. And this is in no way a wrong approach. But a little research will get them these feature along with some significant money savings. When it comes to value-for-money, storage water heaters are the perfect solutions for homeowners.

Corrosion is the primary factor affecting storage heaters. Make sure the water heater you install is corrosion resistant and its built with sturdy materials. The service and maintenance charges should be reasonable so that long term running is not a concern. Other notable features include anti-scaling devices, brass drain valves, inner lining of the tank and safety devices. Space available for installation is also something to be considered well in advance.

Gas is the most commonly used fuel. But electric storage water heaters are also used widely due to their convenience. Electric heaters are more economical compared to gas heaters. Depending on the gas prices, you can save money over a longer period of running. For residential purposes, both gas and electric heaters are used widely.


Storage water heaters have to be selected as per the storage required or the amount of water needed daily. If you have low water requirement, a space savvy design will come in handy. Very large storage capacity are not recommended for household purposes as they tend to have shorter life span in residential settings.

Identify the proper capacity as per the household. Number of people, rooms, washing and laundry requirements plus other factors influence the choice.

Check Out Our Range Of Storage Water Heaters From Various Brands.

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