Navien Tankless


Water Heater


Don’t worry about having cold water with a brand new NAVIEN tankless water heater. Now you can enjoy instant hot shower, without the wait. NAVIEN is a great choice due to its great compact design which makes it look modern while clearing up space that makes the home look and feel more open.

Choose between condensing options such as the NPE-A2 or the NPE-S2 or non-condensing options which offer a stainless steel heat exchanger making it ultra reliable and efficient! Call now as they run out fast!





Water Heater


Get a super high efficiency RINNAI Tankless water heater. Instant hot water, no delays, whenever you need it! Proper Japanese quality tested to last, enjoy our RUR, RU, RUCS, RUS, models. Energy Star certified, so you only get the highest quality.

With smart voice activation that is linked to Amazon Alexa, being the first Tankless with this ability. With great warranty options. Package it with a annual maintenance plan, and your tankless will be bullet proof. Installation of a new tankless gets you one whole year of free maintenance, a value of $149.99!


Get a maintenance plan

Tankless Maintenance Plan

What’s Included?

Our expert certified TSSA technician will come to your home and check for and provide:

  • Worn out parts
  • Efficiency rating of equipment
  • Any leaks
  • Compare it to manufactures standards
  • Descale your equipment to make sure there is no build up

After that is done, our technician will provide a report analysis of your equipment and give you recommendations on how to make it last longer and run more efficiently.