Commercial Roof-Tops Heating Solutions in Toronto & Mississauga

Precedent… The Same Trane quality with added flexibility

Sleek Exterior

Commercial Rooftop HVAC A sleek compact cabinet with rounded corners for safety makes Precedent easy to handle. With its versatility and easy handling, it is a perfect match for the most complex or the simplest-light commercial applications.

Lots of Options

Precedent has outstanding features and ofers an unprecedented selection of options including a choice in controls, electromechanical or the highly sophisticated ReliaTel™ microprocessor controls.

Ultimate Flexibility

Who is in the best position to decide which features meet your speciifc application needs? You, the customer, of course. Trane’s Precedent ofers the most flexible light commercial packaged air conditioners in the industry.

These units with convertible airflow are not prepackaged; you order and pay for only those options you really need.

Things like:

  • 1-inch Filters with Rack Capable of Accepting 2-inch Filters
  • Direct or Belt Drive, Standard or Oversized Evaporator Fan Motors
  • Gas/Electric, Cooling Only, Heat Pumps
  • R-410A Refrigerant Available on 3, 4 and 5 Ton 13 SEER, 15 SEER and 6-10 Ton Models
  • Low, Medium or High Heat Gas Heating Capacities
  • ReliaTel™ Microprocessor or Electromechanical Controls
  • Short Orifice or Thermal Expansion Valve Refrigerant Control
  • Standard or High Efficiency Cooling Capacities
  • Wide Array of Electric Heat Options

Quality and reliability

  • Scroll compressors
  • Progressive tubular heat exchanger with stainless steel burners
  • Optional stainless steel heat exchanger with 10-year warranty
  • Double sloped and reversible condensate drain pan
  • Easy to install
  • Converts from downflow to horizontal by moving two panels
  • Single-side access
  • Easy access low voltage terminal board
  • Single point power connection
  • ReliaTel controlled units operate as standard with Zone sensor or thermostat
  • Standard through the base condensate connections

Factory installed options for higher quality, lower cost installations

Easy to service

  • Patent pending multi-row condenser coil designed with gaps for easy cleaning
  • ReliaTel assists service through the use of built-in test modes
  • Standardized components
  • Single-side service
  • Colored and numbered wiring
  • Easy adjust belt drive motors

Factory installed options

The following options ship factory-installed within our standard “shortest in the industry” ship cycle time.

  • ReliaTel™ microprocessor or electromechanical controls
  • Through the base gas, condensate and electric utilities simplify wiring and piping.
  • Unit disconnect or circuit breakers ensure unit shutdown for servicing. Factory installation reduces cost, provides proper mounting and the opportunity to upgrade to unit circuit breaker protection
  • Economizer, dry bulb, reference or comparative enthalpy provides free cooling as the outdoor temperature and/or humidity decreases. Economizers ofer great energy savings.
  • 115-volt electrical convenience outlet provides a GFI circuit for common air conditioning tools and lighting, as well as providing roof accessible outlets required by NEC.
  • Dirty filter and fan failure switches trigger a thermostat service light or building controls system to indicate dirty filters
  • CompleteCoat™ condenser coil coating is a cathodic epoxy type electrodisposition coating formulated for high edge build to plate fin and tube heat exchangers. The coating provides excellent resistance to corrosion.
    Hinged access doors permit easy entry to the unit’s service access areas.
    CO2 Sending monitors space occupancy levels by measuring the parts per million of CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) in the air indoors. As the CO2 levels increase, the outside air damper modulates to meet the CO2 space ventilation requirements.
  • Ventilation override accessory enables the unit to be set to transition up to 3 different pre-programmed sequences for Smoke Purge, Pressurization, and Exhaust.
  • Dehumidiication (hot gas reheat) reduces humidity levels while increasing comfort level in the air space. The hot gas reheat coil delivers maximum reheat temperatures and pivots for easy access cleaning.
  • Direct or belt drive evaporator fan motors for varying airlow requirements.
    • Barometric Relief
    • Phase Monitor*
    • Supply and/or Return Smoke Detectors*

Note * Phase Monitor available for 3 phase ReliaTel models only. Return air smoke detectors for certain models have minimum airflow equirements. For For speciics, contact a Trane representative.

Trane Precedent with ReliaTel + Trane Integrated Comfort™ systems = total comfort, total control


A control system that provides a thermostat and the intelligence for comfort control in each zone.

Tracker™ – Tracker building management panel provides microelectronic control and monitoring. Tracker has two-way communication with Precedent and VariTrac by providing status points and alarm messages through a communications link. This process creates a total Integrated Comfort System (ICS).

Tracker software provides scheduling, monitoring and timed override capabilities, as well as local and auto dial-out indication of alarms. Operator interface is simple and user-friendly with icons on the keypad and a two-line liquid crystal display (LCD).

Tracer™ – The Tracer Integrated Comfort System, when coupled with Precedent, provides the ultimate in centralized control, monitoring, energy management and equipment diagnostic functions.

Tracer allows the user to monitor and control the operation of each rootop unit and coordinate their operation with other HVAC equipment.

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