How do MUAs work?

The main purpose of a MUA is to provide filtered air ventilation to the inhabitants inside a building and balancing air pressure. MUA stands for “Make Up Air”, and given the name, it helps make up for all of the air that is released outdoors creating positive air pressured and minimizing negative air pressure. Positive air pressure is important because it helps regulate odor, helps minimize the spread fire and helps reduce carbon monoxide levels, therefore making a MUA, a critical HVAC component in any building.

The Advantages of a MUA

Easy to maintain

MUA provide cool and comfortable air in the summer time by forcing new air inside your building and creating a balance effect that exhaust fans have. They also constantly adjust the humidity and air temperature making sure that it is at optimal comfort

Cleaner Air

One of the major benefits of an MUA is that it helps clean the air in your building by removing harmful germs in the air. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, more building have installed MUA to combat airborne transmission of COVID-19

Safer Work environment

Another huge advantage of MUAs is that it is an effective means of of providing a safer work environment by helping reduce the severity of fires and can help prevent excess carbon monoxide levels

Best applications for MUAs

Manufacturing Plants


Office Buildings



Food service facilities

Preventative Maintenance

Having a good preventative maintenance program for your building is vital to keeping your MUA running long efficient. Faulty equipment, unclean filters, can cause your expensive equipment to have frequent break downs which could lead to other more serious problems. We will design a well thought out maintenance plan specific for your equipment and building. Call us now and join the thousands of happy customers across the GTA.

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