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Why choose us as your HVAC provider?

Not having the proper cooling equipment can not only cause major discomfort but can also lead to money down the drain. Old systems tend to break down easier and be less efficient and having newer equipment without proper annual maintenance can also lead to poor performance over time. If not taken care of, you fall at risk to having frequent repairs over time. In addition, having the right company to install it is as important as the type of equipment you install. That is why when you choose us, you are getting the highest quality equipment and the right group of experts to make sure that your home.


We will check for any problems your equipment has and provide a detailed PM report with notes and suggestions. We treat each equipment like its our own, with the highest quality service.

Honest and Friendly

We are a customer oriented company. We will be direct and honest about your equipment and what is needed. No hidden fees, and service with a smile everytime.


Over 20 years of experience of providing preventative maintenance. When you choose us you are getting the absolute best quality service.

24/7 Emergency service

Experiencing no Heat in the brutal cold winter, No Cool in the blazing hot summer? Our service technicians are available 24/7 every single day.

Commercial HVAC Systems & Repairs

Preventative Maintenance and Maintenance Programs

Help keep your equipment from having frequent break downs and last longer by applying to our maintenance program. Our preventative maintenance program is specifically designed to your buildings and equipment’s needs. We will make sure that your equipment is running at peak efficiency, while helping prevent costly breakdowns that lead to those dreaded NO HEAT or NO COOL days. With 20 years of preventative maintenance experience, you can trust us and know that you are in good hands.

HVAC Installation, Replacement and retrofit


Is your equipment on its last legs? Do you constantly have to repair it and still nothing seems to work? Higher energy bills? Maybe you just want to upgrade to a more efficient and newer system, whatever it is we have done it and seen it all. When you call us you can expect the absolute best quality work and amazing service!


Do you need an emergency repair? Cracked heat exchanger? Leaks? or equipment isn't working properly? If so then we have 24/7 emergency repair services ready to go and fix any problem you are facing.


Want to have higher efficiency equipment? Increase your comfort? Or just take advantage of any existing rebates? Retrofitting is a great option. Contact one of our expert technicians and we will help start the retrofitting process making it seamless.

The Importance of Preventative Maintenance


Having a preventative maintenance program is vital because it helps ensure the safety of staff, customers and equipment. Faulty parts like a cracked heat exchanger can cause carbon monoxide to increase to deadly levels, if left untreated. In addition, filters need to be constantly changed to make sure everyone in your building isn’t being effected by any containments.


Not only does a preventative maintenance program ensure safety, it also helps you and your business save money. Preventative maintenance does that by fixing the problem before it becomes major. Checking for faulty/worn out parts, checking air flow, air quality and any leaks or cracks in equipment will lead to more costly repairs which preventative maintenance can avoid.


Lastly, preventative maintenance will drastically increase the comfort of your work environment. When you have a well thought out preventative maintenance program you will notice the difference in the work environment as a result increases productivity and overall satisfaction.


24/7 Emergency Repairs

Do you have an Emergency repair situation? Are you experiencing NO HEAT in your building in the hot brutal summer? Or are you freezing in the WINTER and your staff cant be productive? Don’t worry! We offer 24/7 emergency services. From NO HEAT, NO COOL, carbon monoxide leaks, emergency repair and new installations. Call now and we will take care of all of your worries.

Custom Duct work and Sheet Metal

We have a specialized crew that deals with ductwork and sheet metal. If you need readjustments in your ductwork, custom sheet metal or replacement due to new equipment installation, let us help distribute air-flow making your day-to-day more comfortable for staff and customers. Call us now and get a quote from one of our experts. Take a look at some of our work at our project gallery.

Duct and Pipe Insulation

For all of your pipe and ductwork insulation needs you can count on us to deliver the best quality of work in the fastest time possible. With 20 years of experience of insulating pipes and ducts, we have seen it all. From Warehouses, Office buildings, Factories, Assembly plants, our experience enables us to make sure that you are getting taken care of with no problems or any worries.

Why its Important to have insulation

  • Minimize Heat Loss
  • Prevents Condensation
  • Lower Utility Bills

VRF Systems

VRF (Variable refrigerant flow) is an air-conditioning system that has one larger unit outside that helps regulate the amount of refrigerant dispersed to the multiple smaller units located indoors. Customized to each location, multiple rooms in each building as adjust their temperature making the environment more comfortable. Over our 20 year experience, we have mastered the installation of VRF systems providing a comfortable work environment to all of our loyal clients/customers. Call us now and get a free customized quote for your building by one of our experts.

Benefits of A VRF system

  • Custom Temperature control
  • Energy Efficient
  • Heat Recovery

Kitchen Hoods

If you need a kitchen hood installed in your restaurant to help maintain the air contaminants created by cooking, then a kitchen hood is a great option. We have helped business and restaurants have improved air quality and staff become more comfortable with our countless installations of kitchen hoods. Call us now and have one of our experts come by and give you expert advice on how to improve the air quality and comfort of your kitchen.


  • Reduced Heat
    One of the major advantages of a kitchen hood is that it helps reduce heat caused by constant hours of cooking in the kitchen. With this constant heat, it can cause an unpleasant and humid work environment. Kitchen Hoods fix this by directly removing any excess heat, creating a better and more productive work environment.
  • Remove Air contaminants
    Installing a kitchen hood will lead to increased ventilation of the smoke, vapor and odors that are caused by cooking. With improved ventilation it helps improve the work environment for your employees in the back end, while reducing odors making the a kitchen hood a vital
  • Safety
    With constant hours of cooking all day, this can create a breeding ground for kitchen fires. Kitchen hoods help reduce this significantly by reducing the amount of fumes and heat that gets trapped in the kitchen.

Commercial Generators

Never fear another power outage again with an all new commercial Generator. We have helped businesses big and small all over the GTA have power during blackouts and power outages. Therefore, you can ensure that you business will never stop running when you call us to install a brand new Generator. Call now and get in touch with one of our experts.

Benefits of a Generator

  • Improve comfort and Security
    Power outages are a serious safety concern, especially during the brutal cold Canadian winters. Snow storms can cause serious discomfort with staff and more importantly customers. Therefore, either an unexpected outage in the summer or winter, you can end
  • Avoid lost revenue
    Almost all businesses need power to operate and run effectively. Without power, all operations seize to exist. Every minute without power, means no revenue coming in. Call us and see your options on the type of Generator that is best suited for your business. We will do a step by step analysis and make sure that when there is a power outage, you are covered.
  • Great Long term investment
    A generator is also a great long term investment. The reason being is that a typically Generator lasts up to 20-40 years. Which means for those years you won’t have to worry about any potential power outage, or lost revenue. When disaster strikes you can sleep easy knowing that you will always have power with a generator