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Keep your warehouse and distribution center warm with a Tube Heater!

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What is a TUBE Heater and how does it Work?

TUBE Heaters are series of interconnected tubes that are connected to a main gas powered source, that helps distribute radiant heat in its designated area. It works similarly to the Sun, in that the Sun provides radiant heat to objects and that heat gets transferred to its surroundings. You can choose which designated areas to install your TUBE heaters, assembly line or storage areas and power plants. They work great in almost any commercial setting

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Advantages of TUBE Heaters


Tube heaters provide radiant warmth, which means it not only warms you but warms your entire surroundings. This makes it easier and a lot more comfortable for staff that are constantly moving.


Tube heaters are customizable to suit any commercial area. As long as the height of the ceiling is long enough, you can place them virtually anywhere you need heat and warmth.

Easy to Install/Maintain

Tube heaters are also relatively simple to install and easy to maintain. They have a simple design and don’t require much maintenance

Best Applications

  • Auto Shops
  • Hangers
  • Warehouses
  • Distribution Centers