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What is a RTU? (Roof-Top-Unit)

An RTU also known as a roof top unit, offers Heating, Cooling and ventilation for most commercial settings. They come in different sizes depending on your buildings needs. Depending on your buildings size and requirements, you can save big on new high efficient RTU, with most of them having a lifespan of 10 to 20 years. Older models can require costly repairs and maintenance, that is why if you are installing, repairing or currently have an RTU Unit, it is vital to have a preventative maintenance plan so you wont have those awful no heat or no cool days.

Ideal Applications

  • Warehouses
  • Malls
  • Restaurants
  • Office Buildings

Benefits of an RTU unit

Energy efficient

With new and improved energy efficiency models up to 97% ratings, you can be sure that nothing is going to waste. With these high efficiency options, you can save hundreds off your annual energy bill. We have flexible warranty options and are experts in RTU installation, replacement and repairs. Call us now and book for one of our expert technicians to come and help with your RTU.

Space saving

RTUs are designed to be installed in your rooftop and maximize the amount of space you save. That is why most buildings (large and small) can fit multiple RTU units on their building. In addition, rooftops make it the more valuable option since its empty space that is often unoccupied making it a logical place to put it.


Often an overlooked but important component is security. Having an RTU on your rooftop means that your unit is safe from any unwanted intruders trying to steal parts, or from animals that can potential ruin your expensive piece of equipment.

All in one

The last and most important benefit of an RTU unit is that it has the capabilities to provide heating, cooling and ventilation. This makes it the swiss army knife of HVAC equipment. With all components in one place it makes it easier to install, and maintain. Therefore, you don't need any more add on's depending on the size of your building, having an RTU is the best cost effective option.

preventative maintenance plan

Install, Repair or Preventative Maintenance

Avoid those disasters with a great preventative maintenance plan. We designed each maintenance plan for your specific buildings needs. We will help make sure it lasts long, runs smoothly and doesn’t leave you in a No heat or No cool situation.

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