Best Unit Heater Dealers in Toronto, Mississauga & GTA

Unit Heaters Toronto Unit heaters are great for architecturally larger spaces where heating has to be provided in accordance to the space available. Forced air wall units are ideal for high efficiency and reliability. Many brands offer attractive designs along with rugged construction and feature-rich products. They cleverly meet the space heating requirements for residential, commercial and industrial units.

Unit heaters are available in room-sized electric heaters to outdoor duct furnaces.

Areas with high ceilings are ideal for unit heaters. When the area is large, unit heaters are up to the task. They can be installed at low cost, ideal for big rooms and ducting system required is minimal. These can be controlled by accurate thermostats. Heat exchanger and blower fans work in proper conjunction to deliver the required heating. When installed in the right configuration, unit heaters can be the ideal solution for large indoor spaces.

We Deal In Following Unit Heater Brands:

  • Armstrong Air
  • Modine
  • Lennox
  • Reznor
  • Trane
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