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Enjoy your new found comfort with a new AC! Choose from central AC or a Ductless from our many brands that we carry.

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Why you should consider a new AC?

We only install the highest quality equipment

Lower utility bills

Replacing your old AC with a new one can help decrease your monthly utility bills by over 20%.


When you get a brand new AC for your home, you automatically get manufacture standard 10 year parts warranty. However, we have flexible up to 10 years parts and labor warranty for a great and affordable price. We like to give our customers the options for additional warranty's so that they have peace of mind when they purchase a new AC. No worrying about potential breakdowns or repairs, we will make sure you have all of your options laid out and are truly happy with your purchase

Improved comfort

The most important thing in your home is comfort. Having a new AC will provide that extra needed comfort, especially during the summer. Older ACs over time have trouble cooling your home effectively, due to age and the wear and tear of internal components. Our experts will make sure you get the right AC for your home.

Government rebates

We work directly with Enbridge, to ensure that you qualify for any current rebates that they have right now, making sure we maximize your savings!

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Why Choose Us?

Our technicians will provide the best quality of work. Installations are clean, smooth and professional

Our expert technicians are known for quality and speed. We will be in and out, because we know the longer you wait, the less comfortable you are.

24/7 Emergency service
Have a no cool emergency? Stuck at home in the boiling Summer with a failed AC? We have a team of emergency technicians ready to go and serve you 24/7

Excellent Service
One of the reasons our customers stay with us for life is due to our amazing customer service.

We are friendly, professional and we go out of our way to make sure you are taken care of

Can’t pay upfront? no problem, we have flexible payment plans and other payment options. E-transfer, cheque, Debit, credit? We will make sure you get your new AC

We have a variety of brand options that you can choose from. York, Trane, Goodman? We carry only the best brands and make sure you get an AC that is best for you and your homes needs

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Why your current AC isn't working properly


Typically AC have a useful life of 10 years. Once an AC passes the 10 year mark, parts start to break down and the wear and tear make the AC less efficient and have it not work completely

improper installation

Sometimes its not the equipment fault. Contractors also need to know exactly what they are doing and need to know which equipment is best for your home. That

Internal components not working

Broken capacitators, fuses, dirty filters, dead thermostat batteries, dirty coils, tripped circuit, fan problems can all be a cause for your AC not to be functioning properly

No maintenance

Not having proper maintenance can also have a huge negative impact on the overall lifespan of your equipment.

Get our AC Maintenance plan today!

What’s Included?

With an Air conditioner maintenance plan we will have one of our certified expert technicians come and do annual maintenance so that your AC keeps running.

We will also do our in-depth 21-point check, which includes:

  • An assessment of Indoor Air Quality
  • Analysis of unit efficiency
  • An annual visit from our experts
  • Confirmation of Refrigerant charge
  • In-depth report analysis
  • A check for worn-out or faulty materials

Recommendations and advice on how to keep you comfortable


AC Maintenance Plan

AC Maintenance Plan

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