Brands We Carry

Residential HVAC Systems

We carry only the highest quality brands. From Trane, York, Goodman choose your brand option and well be there to install it.


Inside of Furnace

Get the very best in the business with a Trane furnace. Know for its reputation for excellence and quality, you get the top of the line furnace to keep you warm during the cold times this Winter Season. Call and find out about our labour warranties and Tranes Snap promotion which ends soon!

Low Profile Heat Pump

Compact design makes the XR16 heat pump a great option for those hard to install tight spaces. Perfect for compact homes (Zero-dot-lines), condos or under decks!

Heat Pump

SEER rating of up to 18.00 and HSPF of 9.50 make it an energy-efficient choice for home comfort. Increased efficiency may substantially lower your home cooling costs. Materials for all two-stage compressor heat pump components are tested again and again for long-lasting performance and durability.

Trane’s Humidifiers provide excellent year long moisture to the air of your home to make your home that much more comfortable. Don’t spend another minute in your dry home. Call today and get a humidifier to complement your system!


Proven Quality

HEAT: Over 150 degree heat

SOUND: Quiet, and unfazed

COLD: You cant freeze a Trane


York Furnaces

York is a great option when it comes to choosing a furnace for your home. It offers great comfort and heat. Get effieiency ratings up to up to 98%. Variable-speed ECM fan motor makes this furnace quiet so you can sleep better at night during those harsh Canadian winters. Get up to 10 years parts and labour warranty with a new installation!

Get a York Heat pump and get up to 19.0 to 21 SEER & 10.0 to 10.75 HSPF with sound levels as low as 54 dBA. Call and find out about our heat pump add on maintenance plans!



Goodman Furnaces

Get an Energy Star Goodman furnace today. Up to 97% efficiency ratings and the more affordable option than a Trane or a York. If you want something that’s more budget friendly and gets the job done, than a GOODMAN furnace is a great option. Call now and check for availability.

Goodman Heat-pumps

Goodman heat pumps are great because they provide great energy efficiency, they reduces compressor vibration noise making it nice and quiet and their heat pumps are great for preventing condensation of compressor.

Make Your equipment last longer with a maintenance plan!


What’s included:

You don’t have to worry anymore about furnace breakdowns or furnace performance with our maintenance plan.

One of our Expert technicians will come and do annual maintenance with our 21 point inspection which includes:

Performance and efficiency check

  • Tune-up and cleaning
  • Air-quality assessment
  • A test for Carbon monoxide
  • Advise if any parts are worn-out
  • Make sure it is running safely and up to manufacturer standards

**Installation of a new furnace will include free 1 year maintenance!


Furnace Maintenance Plan

AC Maintenance Plan

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