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Breakdowns, repairs, No heat, you can rely on us to come and fix it. We are your Vaughan heat pump repair and installation experts.

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What choose a heat pump

1. Energy efficient
2. Great for the environment
3. The future of Heating in your home
4. Customized heating

Save big with the Canada greener homes grant that can help you save up to $5,000 for a new heat pump in your home. We work directly with energy advisors and try our best to help you get the most savings when you decide to go green and install a heat pump.

How Heat pumps work

A Heat pump take the cold outside air and converts that into direct energy and Heat using the compressor inside the unit.


  • Compact
  • You can have a heat pump virtually anywhere in your home.
  • Do ductwork
  • Customized temperature control based on your preferences
Heat Pumps

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