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What is in-floor Heating

In floor heating is a heating method used in homes, driveways and basements. It uses a series of inter-connected tubes underneath you flooring, which provides heat to the surface of the floor. These tubes can be either hydronic or electric. Both good options, just the differences are that the hydronic is water based and connected to your central boiler, whereas the electric based in floor heating is powered by electricity.

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What kind of in floor heating is best for you?

Radiant Heating: Hydronic, Electric

A hydronic system uses a dedicated water heater or a boiler (or even your existing water heater) as a heat source. A circulating pump moves the hot water through the PEX tubing and back to the heater.

Uses electric resistance cables to produce heat. The most popular style features cables embedded in thin mats that can be installed under tile, stone, engineered wood, and laminate floors. Electric heating mats are good for retrofits.


  • No maintenance
  • Energy efficient
  • Easy to use
  • Works with all flooring styles
  • Safe
  • Easier to install
In-Floor Heating

Benefits of In floor Heating

  1. If you decide to get in floor heating in your drive way, you can be sure to enjoy your winters a little more. Once in floor heating is installed and turned on in the winter, you can say goodbye to the shovel. The snow melts right off. Now you can spend that extra time with your family, your pet or inside sleeping in.
  2. Once installed in floor heating provides instant heat, and it becomes highly energy efficient. With the tubes directly underneath the flooring, there is no place for the heat to escape but to the floor to your feet!
  3. Instant warm feet as soon as you walk inside your home. No slippers or socks required in the winter, you can finally enjoy walking around your home in warm feet. No more cold Winter feet.
  4. A great perk of In-floor heating is that it makes no noise at all!. Unlike a furnace starting up or an AC blowing cold air, you wont hear anything coming from your floors due to the tight fit and professional installation provided.