Radiant & In Floor Heating Solutions in Toronto & GTA

Radiant Floor Heating Radiant heating is an energy-efficient system that emits heat to warm homes, businesses, warehouses, and garages. REHAU’s system efficiently circulates the warm water through a network of cross-linked polyethylene pipes placed in the floor. This system is highly energy-efficient and can work with a wide variety of heat sources and floor coverings.


  • Unlike traditional heating systems that just simply heat the air, radiant heating emits heat constantly and evenly.
  • Versatile, quiet, clean, and economical, can be easily installed in new homes, or renovations.
  • Room temperatures can be controlled with multiple thermostats.
  • Warm, even heating allows for a lower thermostat setting for maximum home comfort.
  • Versatile installation options
  • No noisy fans or dry blown air


  • Provides a comfortable environment with accurate and stable temperature control
  • Economical, minimizing operating costs by up to 30%
  • Wet installations are common in new homes, dry installations are undertaken when a poured floor isn’t practical
  • Quiet and clean – no noisy fans or dry blown air to distribute dust, allergens throughout your home


Radiant heating is versatile and can act as the primary heat source or support other auxiliary heating systems. Applications include schools, barns, auditoriums, warehouses, in addition to residential use.

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