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Get cozy this season with an all new fireplace

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Why Get a Fireplace

Save Money

Cut energy costs with a new gas fireplace. How? During the fall months, you wont need your furnace as much. Therefore, a fireplace is a great way to save a little bit of money every year, while helping your furnace last longer


Get cozy with your family and enjoy the warmth and beauty that a fireplace provides you.


Not only does a fire place provide warmth and comfort, but it also provides a great sense of style to your home. Resell value will increase and guests will notice the new found style of your cozy home.

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Different Styles Just for you

Gas Fireplace

Gas fire places are powered by gas. It doesn't require wood to burn or to give it heat. They do produce smoke, which is caused by the fire, which requires a venting system. Benefits of a gas fireplace is that you can adjust the heat and gas being used by a simple dial.

Electric Fireplace

An electric fireplace is a heater powered by electricity. It doesn't burn real wood or produce gas but is a good cheaper option than a gas fireplace. Homeowners enjoy it because it is low maintenance, easy to use and is simple. They also come in all shapes and sizes and are a good option if you want simplicity and functionality

Gas Log Fireplace

A gas log fire place works by having a bunch of ceramic logs that are placed inside your fireplace. The advantages of a gas log fireplace is that its convenient and easy to maintain