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Is your Furnace old and constant need of repair? Heat your home with a new furnace today. Call us and let us make your Winter months more comfortable.

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Make your equipment last longer, with a maintenance plan. Get a 1-year free maintenance plan with the installation of new equipment.

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Your equipment give out? are you stuck with a no cool situation? We have a team ready to help you whenever you need it.

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Benefits of a new furnace

Improved Comfort
Warm, comfortable, no need to worry about the brutal Canadian winter seasons with a new furnace.

When you install a furnace you automatically get the 10 year parts warranty that is standard. However, you can also opt in for extended labor warranties, that way you can have ease of mind on your purchase.

Great long term investment
Installation of a new furnace helps reduce monthly energy bills, and over time it adds to incredible savings. It also helps increase the value to your home and helps keep you and your family comfortable for 10-20 years.

Signs you might need a new furnace

Costly Repairs

When the repairs are costing 1/3 of the price of a new furnace, that's a good sign it might be time to replace it.

Higher energy bills

Higher energy bills mean your furnace is probably getting worn out and is running inefficiently. New furnaces reduce monthly energy bills by working more efficiently

constantly repairing

If you are constantly repairing your Furnace, then that's a good sign that your equipment is not in the best shape and might need to be replaced.

Decline in efficiency

Decline in efficiency and of your furnace isn't providing much heat is also a good indicator that it might be a good time to replace it.


Once you have installed your new furnace it is important that you have a maintenance plan to go along with it. Without a proper maintenance plan, over time your furnace will breakdown and the likelihood of costly breakdowns and repairs dramatically increases. Annual maintenance plans help make sure you get the most out of your equipment.

Emergency Service

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