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When should you repair your Furnace?

Canadian winters can be brutal and severely uncomfortable when your equipment fails on you and isn’t working properly. That is why making sure that you are taking care of it annually is critical. When you choose us as you HVAC provider, you are getting the very best in the industry. We don’t believe in any sales tactics. We are honest and direct. No hidden fees, the price you get is the price you pay. We have helped thousands of clients all over the GTA with their heating needs, and they rely on us to ensure they when it gets cold, they are comfortable.

Notice Increased Bills

When you notice your heating bill increase abnormally? This is a good indication that your furnace needs to be looked at.

Not heating properly

If you notice that in the Winter that your furnace isn't heating properly or you feel like it is losing heat, its likely it needs maintenance

Making a lot of noise

Some noise is normal for a furnace, that means that it is operating right and doing its job. But if you hear strange screeches then it might be a cause for concern.

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Get your Furnace checked today!

Step 1:  Call our office or book for one of our experts to come by and take a look at your furnace. We will check what the problem is and create a report

Step 2: After the report is finished, we will tell you exactly what the problem is with your Furnace. We will give you detailed suggestions from new installation, repair, or tune up and book and appointment for one of our expert technicians. You also have the option at the end to sign up for our annual furnace maintenance plan

Step 3: Sit back, and enjoy. Now that we have taken care of your furnace issues, you can relax knowing that your home has that we have fixed your heating issue. No more worries of no heat, especially once you have our annual maintenance plan!

Your Options


Diagnostic, plus a one time repair.

Maintenance Plan

Once you repair your furnace, get a maintenance plan immediately

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There are multiple options that you can choose when it comes to your furnace install and replacement. However, its all based on your preferences. Contact us today for a free quote.

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