Why choose us for Preventative Maintenance?

24/7 Emergency service

We have a team of ready to go 24/7 technicians to help you when you are experiencing an emergency situation.


We are extremely proud of the quality of work that we give to our customers. Nothing short of excellence is our goal when we work on your equipment.


Over the 20 years of servicing the GTA there is nothing that we haven’t seen or any problem we haven’t overcame. When you choose us you get the absolute best in the industry.

Honest and Friendly

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We are open, friendly and honest. We will remember your name and always be a phone call away for whatever your cooling needs are.

Why Preventative Maintenance is Important

Cut Energy Cost

While performing consistent preventative maintenance on your equipment it will greatly reduce your energy costs. The more frequent the maintenance the more times our expert technician can assess any problems and as a result, make it more efficient.

Prevent costly Breakdowns

If you leave your equipment unmaintained for a long period of time, you will have greater odds or breakdowns. Whether its a cracked heat exchanger, old blower motor, dysfunctional control board, leaving it to chance is a costly gamble.


Not having a well thought out preventative maintenance program is not only expensive but dangerous. For example, having a unit with a cracked heat exchanger can cause carbon monoxide levels to build up and can be potentially fatal for you and your staff. Therefore, preventative maintenance is essential to any building.

What Equipment is preventative maintenance recommended for?

All of your HVAC equipment in your building requires some form of preventative maintenance. The frequency recommended may vary based on they type of equipment, but having a good and frequent program designed for each equipment is recommended.

RTU (Roof top Units)

4 Times a year

MUA (Make up air units)

2 Times a year

Unit Heaters/Tube Heaters

2 times a Year


3 Times a year

Ductless systems

Once a year

VRF systems

3-4 Times a year

HRV/ERV Systems


Exhaust Fans

Once a year

Kitchen hoods

Once a year


1-2 times a year

Heat Pumps

2 times a year

Maintenance plan promotions

Call and find out how you can get free maintenance for a year with the installation of new equipment. You can choose the option for extended warranty on parts and labor up to 20 years (depending on brand and equipment type).